Lincoln College has welcomed students since 1952 – and we appreciate that the challenges of transitioning to university from High School and the stresses of moving away from home can really impact your wellbeing.

Lincoln has worked hard to build a living and learning community that is inclusive, welcoming, and encouraging for our residents to thrive. At Lincoln, we celebrate diversity and the unique talents of everyone – in Lincoln you will find a community that feels like home, and you will find your place.

In conjunction with our resident-led College Club, we have developed a schedule of events, activities, and guidance to allow our residents to feel connected and supported by each other and grow to reach their full potential.

At the beginning of every year, all residents are required to complete mandatory training around respectful relationships, safe partying, cultural inclusivity, and how to succeed at college.

Respectful relationships training brings an external facilitator in to college to run small group seminars for residents around approaches to intimate relationships, to make sure residents have the information they need to discuss and negotiate interactions in a way that is safe and consensual. This includes choices not to engage in physical intimacy where one partner doesn’t want to or isn’t ready.

Major events are supported by Red Frogs (a volunteer organisation dedicated to encouraging safe use of alcohol), provide support for all students navigating Australian party culture to ensure fun and safety.

In our mission to ensure college is an option for all, in 2023 we launched a program for those students who identify as Neurodivergent. The ND Hub is an online coaching program for students with ADHD, autism, OCD, or other neurodiversities, and works with experienced facilitators who are themselves neurodivergent to foster positive self-image, strengthen executive function and promote university success for participants.

If you are having any reservations about whether you will be able to succeed in moving out of home for the first time, or starting tertiary education (parents, this includes you too!) we invite you to contact the college. Wee can arrange a time for you to speak directly with our Deans about what support may be required and how we can assist.