You’ve probably seen the movies about college life in America,
well did you know you can have a similar experience right here?

Here at Lincoln College we compete in sporting competitions against the other colleges, study on our beautiful lawns, and have the best parties in our common room – how good is that!!?

Your studies will be made easier with our amazing academic program. Each resident is assigned a tutor that gives you what you need to thrive. The support of the Lincoln Academic program will help raise your grades to the top of your potential.
Lincoln College is a place where strangers become a family. You become part of a community that supports you, encourages you, and has so much fun.

If you feel nervous or are on the fence about applying, just do it!!
What have you got to lose?

When you arrive at college, yes it is different, and yes you might feel awkward to start, but we promise after the first night you will have made friends already.
Ultimately, your college experience is what you make of it. College is a fun, friendly, and safe atmosphere that will welcome you in, foster your interests and make you feel at home, so make sure you express yourself honestly and embrace your individuality.

From current Lincolnites to future Lincolnites,
we can’t wait to welcome you.

The biggest tips we can give you are:

Plan to give it your best in Welcome Week – you only get one of them.

If you’re feeling nervous or worried about anything, try to keep it in perspective, talk to your friends, and take it day by day.

Try to expand your comfort zone – you might discover something new about yourself.

Lean on those around you, new residents and old; everyone has experienced this before, or is experiencing it with you now, and wants to help you settle into college.

Remember that it’s always ok to say no, or ask others for help with things you don’t feel comfortable with.

Love our vibe? Find your crew at Lincoln College..
what are you waiting for!

Some FAQs, that we, as students get asked:

No! We have cleaners who vacuum and dust once a week. So long as you have your dirty clothes off the floor so they can get in no one will be on your case!

Of course! If you are having some friends over for a gathering, as long as it’s before the noise curfew, you can have as much fun as you want.

Yes, yes, yes! You can even ask the maintenance team for an extra mattress to chuck on the floor for your guest when they are here.

Seriously. The. Best.
Throughout the year College Club will throw some of the sickest parties you’ve ever seen, themed to different topics each time. Get ready to dress up and have fun! For pub nights, we start in the common room. We have lights, music, a dance floor, and games for those who wish to join. We then head out together to one of the pubs near the college and usually swing by the 24-hour bakery on the way home.

Of course! We host events like café crawls, hot chocolate nights, movie nights, LAN parties, car hide and seek, and so much more. We encourage you to attend all the different events at college, as we aim to make all our parties fun and inclusive for everyone. You will have an amazing time with your college friends.

No, not really, as long as you’re not acting like a jerk. Your RA (residential advisor) is here to essentially be your big brother or sister. But no one is going to make you get out of bed or do your laundry. It’s nice to have your freedom at college, but don’t forget you are your own mum now.

That’s true! Our numbers are currently around 180 students – having a smaller number means you don’t get lost in the crowd. Our culture and community are the best, and everyone knows everyone. Having spare rooms also means you can have someone stay as a casual guest, or if you really want to move rooms mid-year to be closer to your new bestie, you can!

Every single college is different – the facilities and programs are all modeled the same but executed differently depending on the way that college has grown. But most importantly, every college has its own culture and personality – we recommend checking out the other colleges to make sure you find the right fit for you. When asked what sets us apart from other colleges, we say while our gym may be smaller, or our library more boutique, our culture is beyond the best.

Check out our suggested packing list here

Your room, your way!

One of the most exciting things about moving into college? Creating your very own sanctuary in your room. We take care of all the furniture for you, your room comes furnished with a king single bed, desk and chair, desk pedestal, book case and wardrobe – your perfect blank canvas.

Take some inspo from current residents’ rooms and see what you can do with your room!

Student Leadership Opportunities

Lincoln College has three student leadership teams; College Club, Residential Advisors, and Academic Tutors.
The College Club is led by our Club President, who is elected by students each year. The club is responsible for the social events calendar throughout the year; with events from quiz nights to concerts, LAN parties to glow parties – they’ve got you covered. The club also coordinates all of the inter-collegiate sporting events. This year we are participating in tennis, swimming, netball, debating, football, hockey, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and athletics – go Stags! Even if playing sports isn’t your thing, you can go along and cheer on the team.

The Residential Advisors are allocated to each floor of accommodation rooms – and act as the first point of call for any resident inquiries. There is a duty RA on call every night, and they are trained to assist students through a range of circumstances.
Every student at Lincoln is allocated to an Academic Cohort, depending on what they are studying. Each cohort has its tutor, who assists with a drop-in study sessions, one on one sessions, can organize additional external assistance if needed, and can help with all sorts like referencing, and assignment formatting on top of the content.
As you progress through college, you may like to apply for a leadership role in one of these teams. They offer a great avenue for professional development and personal fulfillment. Some positions also come with a financial component towards your enrolment. If you love college and want to contribute even more, reach out to one of the leaders around campus and they can help you with where and how to apply.

Respectful Relationships

Lincoln College is committed to being a welcoming and supportive community where every individual feels respected, safe, and supported. We want our residents to thrive and grow, both personally and academically.


At Lincoln, we encourage our students to be thoughtful and respectful citizens. We regularly review our practices and actively seek input from students, staff, and experts to ensure that we continually improve our practice in these matters.

We welcome the increasing recognition in our society of the issues of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and antisocial behaviors. These behaviors are unacceptable and have no place in our College or any community.


As a residential and academic community, we set a high standard of excellence for all members, both students, and staff. The College has no tolerance for behavior that demeans, harasses, discriminates, exploits, or results in the assault. If this behavior is reported and shown to have occurred, the resident responsible will be disciplined and in serious cases will be expelled from Lincoln with immediate effect.


The College has a prompt, appropriate, and rigorous institutional approach to antisocial behavior which includes:

Mandatory training in sexual consent and bystander intervention for all students, both before moving in through online learning and in person during Welcome Week.

Clear and accessible protocols for reporting incidents, and robust policies and procedures to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, or antisocial behavior.

Swift response to reports of transgressions, the Dean of Students responding promptly to ensure the well-being and safety of those involved by providing pastoral care and support.

Diary Entries

Dear Lincoln College Alumn,
We would love to hear your favorite memories of Lincoln College and to feature them here for the prospective generations of Lincolnites to understand what belonging to our family can really be like!
Reach out to with your story.