Board and Governance

Lincoln College Governance

Governance of Lincoln College lies in the hands of the College Board.

The Board is a representative body with members drawn from the Uniting Church (after its formation from the Methodist, Congregationalist and Presbyterian Churches in 1977), universities, and both present and past Collegians.

Various Board sub-committees are involved in formulating Lincoln policy. The day to day financial, infrastructure and administrative management is the responsibility of the CEO.

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Lincoln Board Members

Jason Nelson

Chair of the Board

Dr Paul Tosch

Chief Executive Officer and Alumnus

David Marsh

Board Member

Reverend John Hughes

Board Member

Nicole Beaumont

Board Member

Jane Zadow

Board Member

Tim Chia

Board Member

Brendan Hughes

Board Member

Mitch Jude

Board Member

Martin McCarron

Board Member

Mardi Conduit

Board Member