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Lincoln has been home to many university students who have come to be significant achievers, making a positive impact in their fields and communities. Some of them are below.

Datuk Dr Samuel CE Abraham

Idealist and paediatrician Alumnus 1954 – 58; Vale 2007 After graduating from Medicine at the University of Adelaide in the late 50s, Dr Sam Abraham returned to Malaysia to become a highly respected practitioner of Paediatrics there and in Australia. Making the decision to work in the public sector rather than in private practice, Dr Abraham chose to positively impact the poorly resourced area of Paediatrics in Malaysia. He received a large number of awards for his contributions to medicine in Malaysia, India, Australia and beyond. In 2009, Lincoln College renamed a building in his honour.

Dr Cheong Choong Kong

Academic, business and community leader. Alumnus 1962 - 63 Dr Cheong has carved out an extraordinary career as an academic, a business leader, and a community leader. He came to Australia from Malaysia to pursue university education as a Colombo Plan Scholar, and after completing his PhD, returned to Malaysia as a lecturer at the University of Malaya, where he was later an Associate Professor. Dr Cheong has served the Singaporean and South East Asian community in the areas of governance, leadership and finance. Notable achievements also includes: Distinguished Alumni, University of Adelaide; Past Managing Director, Singapore Airlines; Chairman, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation; current Chairman, OCBC Bank, Singapore. Read more about his diversified careers.

Mr Robert Hannaford AM

Renowned, award-winning artist Alumnus 1962 – 1964 Robert is a self-taught artist renowned for his portraits. He has succeeded in being a finalist in the Archibald Prize every year since first entering it in 1991. He worked as a political cartoonist for the Adelaide Advertiser from 1964 -1967 and has been a full-time artist since 1970. Hannaford has painted many contemporary portrait commissions during the last 40 years including paintings of Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Donald Bradman, and Paul Keating. He is also well known for his landscapes, still lifes, nudes, and sculptures. In 2008 he opened the Riverton Light Gallery and sculpture studio in Riverton. Lincoln is very lucky to have the portraits of two of our past Masters painted by Robert, that of Rev Frank Hambly and of Dr John Whitehead, hanging in our Dining Hall for years.

Professor Geoffrey Harcourt AC

Eminent economist, lecturer, author and global thinker Council member 1970 – 1980; Vale 2022 After studying economics at the University of Melbourne, he moved to the University of Cambridge, where he received his doctorate. In 1958, he moved to the University of Adelaide as a lecturer and was appointed to a chair in Economics at Adelaide in 1967. He was a University Lecturer at Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity Hall (1964–66). He was a University Lecturer (1982–90) and Reader (1990–98) in the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge and a Fellow and College Lecturer in Economics, at Jesus College, Cambridge, (1982–98), and was President of Jesus College Cambridge, (1988–89 and 1990–92). In 2018 Professor Harcourt was made a Companion (AC) of the Order of Australia “for his eminent service to higher education as an academic economist and author, particularly in the fields of Post-Keynesian economics, capital theory and economic thought”.

Professor Tim Harcourt

Economist, academic and policy advisor Alumnus 1983 - 1986 Tim Harcourt is an Australian economist who is the J.W. Nevile Fellow in economics at the UNSW Business School, and an advisor to the Government of South Australia on international engagement.[1] Harcourt was awarded a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the University of Adelaide, and a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Minnesota, and also completed the Trade Union Program at Harvard Law School. He was the Chief Economist of Austrade (the Australian Trade Commission) until 2011, and earlier worked for the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Reserve Bank of Australia. Harcourt teaches International Business at the UNSW Business School, in the AGSM MBA programme in Asia and Latin America with a focus on China, India, ASEAN, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and other emerging markets. Tim is a Visiting Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica (PUC) in Chile. He also writes for a number of major publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Business Review Weekly, The Australian, The Advertiser, The Herald Sun, The West Australian, The Courier Mail, The OECD Observer, The Globalist, The National Times, The Drum, The Conversation, The Economic Times and various websites and blogs.

Dr Basil Hetzel

Impactful medical researcher Alumnus 1956 – 1957; Vale 2017 Hetzel studied medicine at the University of Adelaide from 1940 to 1944. As a medical student, he was granted reserved occupation status during World War II. He was a Fulbright Research Scholar in the 1950s which included an appointment at New York Hospital. In 1954, Hetzel and his family travelled to London where he undertook a Research Fellowship in the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism at St Thomas' Hospital. Hetzel worked in remote areas of Papua New Guinea with the Public Health Department of the then Territory, and his research concluded that the endemic goitre and associated cretinism was attributable to an iodine deficient diet. He also demonstrated that dietary supplementation would entirely prevent these illnesses. In the 1980s Hetzel, supported by the Australian Agency for International Development, became an international advocate for iodine supplementation, which is now taken for granted with iodinated table salt.

Ms Lim Soo Hoon

Distinguished leader in public service Alumna 1977 – 80 Singapore’s first female Permanent Secretary, Lim Soo Hoon has held many high-profile positions in her public service career spanning more than 30 years. The Colombo Plan scholar graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Economics in 1980. The following year she joined the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and then moved to various other ministries including Transport and Manpower. In 1999, she made history when she was appointed Permanent Secretary at the then Ministry of Community Development (MCD). Soo Hoon has been involved in the development and implementation of many key policies and projects. She was involved, for instance, in the launch of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit System and the introduction of the Singapore Sports School. Soo Hoon was Her World magazine’s “Woman of the Year” in 2006.

John Menadue AO

Australian businessman and former senior public servant and diplomat Alumna 1953 – 56 Menadue was head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet from 1974 to 1976, working under prime ministers Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser. He was closely involved in the events of 11 November 1975, when Whitlam was dismissed by the Governor-General. He was Australian Ambassador to Japan from 1976 to 1980. Menadue returned to Australia in 1980 to take up the position of Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. In March 1983, he became Secretary of the Department of the Special Minister of State. He was appointed Secretary of the Department of Trade in December 1983.   Menadue was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 1985 for public service. In 2003 he was awarded the Centenary Medal 'for service to Australian society through public service leadership'. In 1997, he received the Japanese Imperial Award, The Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure (Kun-itto Zuihō-shō), the highest honour awarded to foreigners who are not head of state or head of government.

Mr Peter Ong

Public service specialist Alumnus 1982 – 83 Mr Peter Ong has served the Singaporean community in the area of public service, leadership and finance.  Notable achievements:  Second Permanent Secretary for Defence in 2001; became the Permanent Secretary in the Transport Ministry before becoming the Permanent Secretary of Trade and Industry in 2005; also appointed Second Permanent Secretary Finance; in 2009 became the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Finance in Singapore; currently Chairman of the Maritime and Port Authority and a Director of TIF Ventures Pte.

Christopher Sumner AM

Major contributor to the legal and political communities of South Australia Alumnus 1960 – 65 Chris’ contribution to the legal and political communities of South Australia, and his establishment and support of philanthropic endeavours of the College, underscore the community minded way of life reinforced at Lincoln.  Among his achievements: Attorney-General for South Australia from 1982 to 1993; member of the Legislative Council of South Australia from 1975 to 1994.

Dr Richard Hin Yung

Educator in the field of medicine in Singapore Alumnus 1955 – 60, Vale 2007 Dr Richard Hin Yung is well known for services to the Singaporean community in the area of medical education and service to his country.  Notable achievements:  won the coveted Command Appointment Plaque and the Meritorious Service Award from the Singapore Armed Forces; published author; Distinguished Alumni University of Adelaide.

Charlie Hargroves (PhD)

Action researcher focussed on sustainable development and innovation Alumnus 1997 - 1999 Charlie is the Sustainable Development Fellow at the University of Adelaide Business School and specialises in sustainability, economic growth transitions, and emerging industries. Charlie has worked with leading sustainability experts around the world over the last 20 years and has made a strong contribution to the field through his writing, consulting, and public speaking. Charlie has co-authored 5 books and numerous papers and industry reports (currently selling over 85,000 copies in 6 languages). The first book, The Natural Advantage of Nations, won the Australian Banksia Award for Environmental Leadership, Education and Training in 2005, and two other books were ranked in 2010 among the “Top 40 Sustainability Books” by the Cambridge Sustainability Leaders Program.
 Charlie works on a number of national and international projects focused on understanding how to achieve greater sustainability outcomes, in particular those related to sustainable energy and transport. Charlie also focuses on emerging industries including Blockchain and Smart Contracts, along with Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis, teaching these subjects in the Business School. Charlie is a member of the Club of Rome, an expert advisor to the United Nations Centre for Regional Development, and the leader of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Buildings and Construction Task Group on Infrastructure. Charlie has a PhD in Carbon Structural Adjustment, is a Senior Research Fellow at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, and is undertaking a part-time MBA and Graduate Diploma in Psychology at the University of Adelaide.

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