A welcoming home for university students since 1952

Are you about to start University in Adelaide and are starting to think about
where you might live once you make the transition? How does living in a fun,
inclusive, and vibrant community where you will be supported in
broadening your horizons, will make lifelong friends, and have everything
you need to reach your academic goals sound?

You might have considered private rentals, student apartments, or living with family, but have you thought about moving into a Residential College? Residential Colleges offer a high-quality, safe environment that is culturally diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. College provides the opportunity for personal and professional development while supporting your transition from secondary to tertiary studies through extensive academic support. Residents are also offered a wealth of social, community, sporting, and cultural activities.

You’ll instantly be surrounded by ready-made friends

Living at Lincoln College offers far more than just convenience. Many residents say the best thing about living at Lincoln is the people you meet and the friends you make – including those who live in your corridor and the wider campus community.

Remember, when you arrive to move in, EVERYONE is in the same boat – transitioning to this next exciting phase of adulthood, starting university, potentially living out of home for the first time, or leaving the constraints of a highly regulated boarding school environment, and most of you are keen to socialize and try new things. With so much in common from the start, making friends is a breeze.

Lincoln College accommodates around 200 students residents across our 6 buildings on campus. Here it doesn’t matter what year you are in or what might be studying, our residents are always eager to get to know each other and become an incredible support network.

Former Residents of Lincoln often say they ‘found their people’ at college – the ones who share their interests and passions and become lifelong friends. You can truly find your place at Lincoln College.

You don’t have to cook!

At Lincoln, our students get three meals a day, seven days a week prepared fresh by our talented kitchen staff. See more about our facilities here.

What about cleaning? Your room is cleaned once a week by our professional cleaners – they will

vacuum, empty bins, dust, and clean mirrors. They will also clean all common areas.

Laundry is up to you, but we have 24-hour laundry facilities on site that are included in fees.

You get to have a blast at Welcome Week

You’ve probably heard of O-Week, and this is where your new friendships will start.

Led by an elected group of senior, returning residents (College Club and Residential Advisors), new residents go through Welcome Week together, taking part in daily activities and events before the university semester begins.

For Welcome Week, Lincolnites have an absolute blast at our annual Barnyard and Glow Party Events, as well as beach trips, café crawls, Stag Expo (where you can sign up for clubs and sports).

Universities also run an Orientation Week, where you can join a range of university-led activities too, and you can lean on senior residents for support and advice about your new Uni Campus.

You receive plenty of support while Studying

Here at Lincoln College, we provide a high level of care to our residents. That’s because we know studying at a tertiary level and living away from home can be stressful.

To help support our students, we have a dedicated Dean of Studies and Academic Team focused on keeping our thriving and supported, even during the most stressful period of the semester.

Our academic program doesn’t just include subject tutorials to complement your university education, but we also help connect students with expert alumni, for instance through our ‘fireside chats’, and seminars on various topics throughout the semester. Overall, the program helps students transition from the very different learning environment of high school to university.

To genuinely succeed, balance in life is a must. Our Dean of Students, Dr. Jordan Bell, is not only a qualified Psychologist but has been with Lincoln College for over 15 years, supporting students and their families. Learn more about our Wellness Support.

We are small enough that our
students can get to know everyone
but large enough that everyone can
find their people.

– We provide an inclusive, welcoming, and encouraging environment to
help you thrive! Find your place at Lincoln College today.