Academic Support Program
Lincoln College residents receive the academic support they need to transition to university and excel.
Study Resources
Residents have 24-hour access to the Edgeloe Study Centre and computer lab.
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Helping you to transition from secondary to tertiary education and excel in your studies.

Lincoln College provides a comprehensive academic program to students consisting of:

  • – An enrolment support and concierge service, beginning before you arrive, throughout the duration of your time at Lincoln
  • – A series of academic induction tutorials to university life
  • – Weekly supervised study sessions to ensure students are balancing their academic and social commitments
  • – Weekly check-ins and regular progress reviews so that our team of tutors and Deans can tailor support to individual needs
  • – Formal subject-based tutorials to enhance and consolidate what is taught at university
  • – Peer tutorials where students studying the same subjects are grouped together to support and learn from one another
  • – Professional development and networking sessions with Lincoln graduates and other leading professionals 
  • – An academic accountability program providing enhanced support students who are not achieving their academic goals
  • – Support when things go wrong, including liaising with the university and other service providers to ensure you stay on top of your studies