Easing the transition from secondary education to university

Living at Lincoln while you complete your uni degree gives you access to our comprehensive, in-house academic program

Whats included in the in-house academic program:

* small group tutorials
* individual consultations
* drop-in sessions
* seminars
* cohort panels
* networking sessions
* professional development activities

There are numerous activities and levels of support to help you achieve the right balance between your study and social activities. Let us know what you need and we’ll connect you to the right people and resources.

Our Academic Tutors work with study groups focused on specific disciplines, such as Medicine, Creative Arts, Humanities, Science and more. This ensures you can team up with students in similar courses to discuss material and test ideas.

Our tutors may also arrange for professionals from your field of study to visit College, share their stories and give you insider knowledge of what to expect once you finish your degree and embark upon your own career

BOOK A TOUR and discuss your opportunity to grow.

Academic support and tutoring

Academic Tutors are senior students who have consistently shown a high level of achievement during their own studies. They are elected by the Head of College along with Dean of Students and given additional resources to help residents with understanding assessment requirements, tutorial questions and coursework throughout their time at the college. Each tutor conducts weekly study sessions that all residents are encouraged to attend.

These sessions provide opportunities to:

  • discuss upcoming assessments with other students in a similar subject area
  • ask questions about the content and exam preparation
  • work on group assignments and projects
  • develop skills such as preparing for lectures, easy writing and referencing, time management, exam preparation etc.

The transition from high school to uni is a huge, exciting step! To make it less daunting, new residents are provided with regular guidance sessions. Our goal is to equip students with the tools and skills they need to successfully undertake self-directed study and active learning.

Here out more from the residents who have lived here for years while advancing their academic success.

Lincoln has a lovely social, diverse and academic culture so after living here for 3 years now I can easily and honestly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a part of a friendly and supportive university college community.

I lived here for six years, and felt at home from the first night. The community is a great environment to live and study in, and the college has helpful resources and support for studying and student welfare.

It provides everything a university student needs, from its holistic support from friendly seniors coaching you with subjects you’re unclear about in Uni to a library of textbooks saving yourself hundreds of dollars every year on school supplies.

Residential Student Support

Living in a collegiate environment while you’re studying for a degree provides a multitude of benefits beyond simply “a place to stay” within close range to your university. Residential colleges, such as Lincoln College, are home to communities brimming with opportunities for students to enrich their lives beyond the scope of their academic pursuits, into their professional lives and beyond.

The chance to live among a community of fellow students who may share similar hobbies or ideals beyond the classroom creates ample opportunity to build new and lasting friendships. And with residents coming from all around Australia and many locations overseas, students can connect with an amazingly diverse mix of people they would otherwise have never met.

These friendships provide residents with companionship, study buddies, training partners and, after graduation, a strong support network to build their professional endeavours.

Residential Team in the Colleges is made up of a team of staff and students. You will be living with a team of senior student leaders who have all had a minimum of two years in the residential environment and have been appointed and trained for their role.

All student leaders have their Mental Health, First Aid and Physical First Aid trained. Each building corridor has a Residential Advisor, ready to help students or point them in the right direction.

Residents at Lincoln have 24-hour access to the facilities they need to study, exercise, socialise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With everything located on-site, students are not restricted to public opening hours, nor do they lose valuable time travelling between the facilities they need.