Our residents are supported through the transition from secondary education to university study, and then in the important transition from university life to professional careers or, where chosen, from undergraduate to postgraduate study. The high level of engagement in the program contributes not only to exceptional academic results for our residents but also enhanced emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership skills: The Lincoln College academic program produces well-rounded independent learners and leaders.

What does Academic Support look like
daily for Lincoln College residents?

an informal session where students can be assured of access to their tutor and other students studying similar degrees to ask questions; book one-on-one sessions; or simply study quietly in a group setting.

a formal, tailored session to address a specific content or assessment issue. Tutors from Lincoln College and external experts are engaged to conduct one-on-one meetings.

covering topics such as “University 101”, exam preparation, time management, referencing and academic integrity, academic writing, and using academic sources, help our residents build vital study skills and excel in their studies.

a suite of training programs is offered in response to residents’ needs. The program may include how to write a professional email, personal presentation, appropriate greetings, and conduct professional events.

a formal session where sub-cohorts of those studying the same degree or course meet to support one another and assist with administration, subject content, and assessments. These sessions may be tutor or peer-led.

During each study period, every resident is required to meet with both the Dean of Studies, and the Dean of Students to discuss their academic progress, career goals, and their overall health and well-being. The Scholarly and Wellbeing Check-In is a formal meeting, however, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and is designed to assist all students in their College endeavors. To get the most out of these meetings, residents are expected to speak candidly about their academic progress and well-being, as well as their feelings regarding life at College, their future studies, and future career plans.

  •  where academic and community leaders and Lincoln Alumni share their experiences and provide professional development opportunities for residents. These events range from large, formal all-of-college events to smaller more tailored fireside chats where residents have quality time to interact with guest speakers from all walks of life, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The academic tutors are supported by the Lincoln College Dean of Studies and Academic Co-ordinator and who oversee and implement the academic program. And thank you to our curated academic program, our residents perform above the national average of university students.

It is expected that students experiencing difficulties with their courses talk to the Dean of Studies (Dr. Piper) in the first instance. The Dean’s door is always open, and she is available to discuss academic concerns at any time during the year. Our primary goal is to help you through your studies, we will do everything in our power to help you on the road to success.