Where will your ATAR take you?

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After working hard all year, handing in assignments and sitting challenging exams, you have finally received your ATAR score.

Congratulations! Perhaps it was about what you expected, or perhaps you did better or worse than you’d hoped. There are so many options on the table now that your results have arrived. If you’re thinking about university in Adelaide, you should be thinking about living at Lincoln College while you study. Here’s just a few reasons why.

If you’re one of the people who received an ATAR in line with what you expected, you probably know what you’ll be studying at Uni. But have you thought about where you’ll be living during this important transition? Tertiary study is a big step up from high school, and it’s good to live with other students, so you can work out the new system together. Lincoln College provides accommodation for students at all three major South Australian universities, whether you’re from rural SA, interstate, overseas, or right here in Adelaide.

If your ATAR has suddenly opened doors that you weren’t expecting, because it’s higher than you thought, you might be considering new offers in new locations. Living as part of an academic community, where your strong abilities can be raised even higher through peer tutoring and mentoring, is a great option for university students. If you’re coming to Adelaide to interview for Medicine or Dentistry, get in touch with us for short-stay accommodation before your interview, and see what it’s like to live here.

What if your ATAR was lower than you hoped? Perhaps you’re now worrying about whether university study is going to be harder that you thought? The academic support at Lincoln is second-to-none and we work with all our residents to support them to get the best results they can. We can support residents in University Preparatory Programmes, UniSA College and many TAFE courses.

Lincoln’s academic programme can help boost your university grades and your learning, whether your ATAR was a 59 or a 99.

And all residents at Lincoln get the benefit of catered meals, room cleaning and a built-in sporting programme and social calendar, so even if you’re coming to Adelaide without knowing anyone at all, you will soon find your friends at Lincoln. Enrich your university journey by living at Lincoln while you study.

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