Great send off to another great year!

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A great send off to another great year! As always, Valedictory Dinner (VD) is a chance to thank all the amazing people who make Lincoln great, and reflect upon all the memories we have shared throughout the year.

It is also an opportunity to announce the members of next year’s Club, so without further ado, here is the Lincoln College Club Executive for 2019 announced at the valedictory Dinner.

College Club 2019:

President – Jack A.

Vice President – Jaewon K.

Secretary – Sam M.

Treasurer – Stevie Y.

Sports Secretaries – Lisie D. & Nathan B.

Cultural Secretary – Harry S.

Social Secretary – Senara K.

Utilises Officer – Alesha H.

International Secretary – Shaun T.

Sound and Tech Officer – Oliver H.

Publicity Officer – Caitlin Ratsch

Also, big congratulations to Jaewon for being elected to the role of President on the SAAUCC committee next year!

College Club Awards:

Club would struggle to put on all their fantastic events throughout the year without support from volunteer residents. This year’s club showed their appreciation to those who helped most in 2018, by awarding three people who have shown outstanding contributions.

The Bronze award was given to Jaiden W. for his consistent help in setting up pub nights, and manning the bar during social events.

The Silver award went to Caitlin R. for taking time to design the Open Show promotions, and pub crawl shirts. Caitlin’s designs were well liked by all, and she will do well as publicity officer in 2019.

The Gold award was presented to Toby J. for providing constant sound and tech support to club all year. As the previous sound and tech officer in 2017, Toby’s experience proved vital to running the lights at pub nights, the sound equipment and formal dinners, and performance nights.

2018 Sports MVPs:

Lincoln prides itself on giving everyone a go in our sporting teams. For some, this is their first time playing a sport, while others are keen to rekindle their talent for a sport they played in school. The spirit of the team, and the support of the Lincoln crowd, is what makes SAAUCC sports so fun.

Some residents have gone above and beyond to display some real talent and dedication for sport, and the MVP award recognises this contribution.

Tennis1. Annita P.1. Delana S.
2. Elize L.R.2. Sagar E.
Swimming1. Brooke T.1. Dom S.
2. Lisie D.2. Piers M.
Debating1. Ahan M.
2. Nathan L.
Volleyball1. Amritha K.1. Jules H.J.
2. Chloe M.2. Kienan M.
Hockey1. Elisha H.1. Reece D.
2. Megan L. &2. Raja K.
Alesha H.
Footy1. Megan L.1. Kienan M.
2. Jaden C.2. Harry S.
Boat Racing1. Emily G.1. Jaewon K.
2. Senara K.2. Josh D.
Netball1. Elisha H.1. Nathan B.
2. Courtney L.2. Harry S.
Basketball1. Grace T.1. Anthony
2. Courtney L.2. Harry S.
Soccer1. Lisie D.1. Jimmy Ö.
2. Senara K.2. Raja K.
Table Tennis1. Jiawen H.1. Delana
2. Megan L.2. Vinu P.
Athletics1. Lisie D.1. Kienan M.
2. Elisha H.2. Nathan B.

Congratulations to Elisha H. and Kienan M. for taking out sportsman and woman of the year!

Lincoln Spirit Awards:

These are a very special set of awards given out by Lincoln, to residents that embody the Lincoln spirit.

The Virtues of Lincoln Award was presented to Bradley S. for his outstanding dedication to every aspect of Lincoln life. Bradley contributes untold amounts of time to anyone in need, attends nearly all academic, social and sporting events, and is always volunteering his time to help-out.

The Marion Kuechen Music Prize was awarded to Amritha K. for her ongoing commitment to Lincoln’s band over the years. Ami’s performances on Saxophone have set the Lincoln band apart from all other college bands.

The Lincoln College Arts Award went to Meredith D. for her encouragement of artistic endeavours, especially by running Lincoln arts days, as well as her personal achievements in visual art, creative writing and music.

Best New Resident Award was given to Senara K. for her consistent enthusiasm for all things Lincoln, her friendliness and her involvement in College life.


We also recognised and celebrated our graduating residents – people who have completed their degree at Lincoln and become a special part of our community. We wished them well on their professional journeys after university.

Although VD is a time to say goodbye to some of our residents, it reminds us all why we call Lincoln home. The friendships and memories we’ve made are what make this place special.

Looking forward to another great year in 2019!

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