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Are you a little bit nervous to move into Lincoln College? Don’t stress too hard, we promise all the other first year residents are feeling the same. We’ll help you feel right at home in no time. In the meantime, here are some tips for your first week at Lincoln!


It gets pretty hot in Adelaide – especially during O-Week. Beat the heat with a fan that can be blasting at your face whenever you’re back in your room (in between all the activities being run by your College Club Exec)!


Not only for the shower, but also for all the amazing beaches that we have nearby, swimming competition between the colleges in a month. South Australia is known for their beaches. Henley, Grange, and Glenelg are a few that are a short bus ride/drive away.


Whether it’s sharing photos on Instagram or taking shots on your fancy digital camera, snap lots of photos! You’ll want to remember the memories (and later print and decorate your walls with them).


Sports, college gym, activities during O-Week and our training sessions (if you want to partake) will all require you to wear runners (sorry thongs enthusiasts). If you like breaking a sweat and getting strong, don’t forget your sneakers at home!


While we do have a late-tea room that’s open until about 10PM and supper during the week, you might find yourself up late studying or socialising with friends. Make sure to get some fruit, mi goreng, or your comfort food to help you when the cravings kick in (or all of the above, we don’t judge).

Water Bottle

Did we mention it gets hot in Adelaide? Well, it does – and sometimes the dry heat makes it difficult to know whether or not you’re dehydrated/awake/alive. Make sure to bring your water bottle to lug around town with you and to fight the thirst.

All of your costumes – every last one

You may never know what the pubnights or O-Week might bring – themes call for costumes! We have had every theme under the sun: from literal band names to hipsters & hippies. So bring all your nerd garb, fake beards, and crowns with you to be prepared.

Sense of adventure

This is a very new stage in your life – we know! Everything is a challenge by choice, but we encourage you to try new things. Talk to people in the dining hall, play a sport, or go down the street to try some new cuisine (Thai? Vietnamese? Moroccan?)! You’ll have a community of other people supporting you along the way.

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