The international student experience at Lincoln

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Lincoln is home to students from across Australia and all around the world, with many international students choosing to live at Lincoln while they study at The University of Adelaide, UniSA or Flinders University.

Hear from our residents Brandon Ho from Malaysia, Megan Mackie from Canada and Prajay Patel from New Zealand on their experiences at Lincoln.

How long have you been living at the college and how would you describe your experience?

Brandon: I’ve been living here for two years and have to say that living here has been the best experience for me. It has really helped me orient myself in Adelaide at the start of university – but mostly, it’s just fun!

Megan: I’ve been at Lincoln College for two years now, and it has been an unforgettable experience. College provides a great support structure. It is essentially a home away from home, and the people that you live with become your family very quickly.

Prajay: I have been living at Lincoln College for four years and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Moving countries is terrifying and you worry about fitting in. But before long I had an amazing group of friends that I knew I could rely on. The college offers many leadership opportunities too; this year I am President of the College Club which runs all of our social and sporting activities.

Where is your favourite spot to hang out at the college and why?

Brandon: In summer, I like studying out on the lawns. The sun can get pretty hot – but I usually set up my umbrella as a shade and do my work. Sitting outdoors means I get to see my friends walk by and have a chat with them!

Megan: My favourite spot is the Lincoln Library. It’s a quiet place to study, and there’s always someone there no matter the time of the day. It’s also a lot easier to stay motivated when there are others around doing the same thing.

Prajay: Definitely the lawn area. The benefit of living in a residential college so close to the city but not actually in the city is that there is so much grass on which to play sports, study or even just enjoy the nice Adelaide weather. A close second is our absolutely amazing common room!

What has been your favourite social event at college?

Brandon: O-week has been my favourite social event because it’s the start of a busy and fun year.

Megan: Battle of the Bands! It’s a huge night where each college band performs; it’s good music and incredible to see the talent at the college.

Prajay: O-week! It’s incomparable to other places. Events range from an international festival, a scavenger hunt and quiz night to our famous end of O-week party.

What’s your favourite Australian slang to use?

Brandon: I’ve started referring to McDonalds as ‘Maccas‘ and tend to say ‘I’m going on a Maccas run‘. Other than that, I’m beginning to use words like ‘reckon‘ and ‘heaps keen‘ too.

Megan: I’ve picked up on all the words that Australian’s shorten, such as: avo (avocado), arvo (afternoon), oz (Australia), sunnies (sunglasses) etc. The Australian slang is like a whole other language where you’re limited to only two syllables per word.

Prajay: ‘Heaps good’.

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