The best things to bring with you when you move to College

Moving away from home to study can be challenging.
Especially when you are trying to decide what to bring with you to make your new College room feel like your own space.

We asked ten students who live at Lincoln what they recommend to bring with you when you move to College.

Take their advice to make your new room feel cosy and just-right, from your very first day in residence!

  1. Decorations for your room that make you feel happy! You want to make your room a place that you feel comfy and content so bring little things that are pretty and bring you joy.

Lauryn F, Port Lincoln

  1. Books, musical instruments (guitar), and a desk fan.

Monte M, Coffs Harbour

  1. I’d suggest bringing some good quality headphones for independent study, walks to uni, and uninterrupted Netflix.

Darcy C, Booborowie

  1. The best bit of advice I received before coming to college was make sure to bring something along that you can use to put all your shower stuff in – such a silly little thing that you don’t need to think about at home! Same goes with lots of other practical items that you’d normally rely on a kitchen/laundry drawer for… it’s handy to have a set of cutlery hanging around or a few too many coat hangers.

Bridgette WC, Wunkar

  1. Your room is your safe space, so it’s a place where you can express yourself! Don’t be afraid to bring things that you think aren’t “grown up”; if you want to bring things like stuffed toys, excess pillows etc., do it! It can be very comforting to have those things with you in stressful times.

Amelia B, Kyancutta

  1. Items that have emotional value, like photos.

Marlon S, Brazil

  1. A fan for your room, a pack of bandaids if you are clumsy like me (!), and slightly more coat hangers than you think you’ll need.

Joe E, Naracoorte

  1. Bring some of your favourite books to keep on your shelf, this makes your room feel nice and homey.

Clem S, Port Pirie

  1. Bring snacks for Welcome Week as you’ll be busy, and might not have time for a trip to the supermarket, and need to stay fuelled for a busy week!

Erin C, Booborowie

  1. Some photos and memories of family and friends are nice, and you can always add to the collection while at College.

Zac S, Doncaster East

A few little comforts from home will make life a lot easier as you build new friendships and get used to university life.

If you’re looking for even more support as you start your studies, consider life at Lincoln College – with academic support, instant community, and meals taken care of, you can focus on making the best of your university experience with the time you have.

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