Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I First Came to Uni

Starting university can be challenging for new students – everyone tells you “it’s really different to Year 12” but until you’ve lived through it, it’s hard to know exactly what that means for your studies, socialising and extracurriculars!

We asked ten uni students what they wish they’d known when they first started uni. 

Learn from their experience so you can make the best start to your studies in 2022!

  1. It’s okay if you haven’t got it all figured out. No one expected you to know everything in your first year of high school!
    Ethan N, Canberra
  2. Your classmates around you are just as scared, confused and nervous as you are.
    Amelia H, Bordertown
  3. Take the initiative to put yourself out there, whether it’s academic or social clubs, you’ve got to be willing to go for it. Seize the day!
    Amos L, Melbourne
  4. A lot of the time, grades are more reflective of resourcefulness/initiative rather than academic intelligence. Really spend the time looking at what help services and resources the uni has to offer, both on campus and online, and engage in all your live/face to face classes. You might even find yourself getting a lot of one-on-one attention since a lot of people don’t realise that these resources are available and don’t engage! Oh, and read your feedback and make sure you show that you’ve learnt from it in your next assessment. Laboratory demonstrators often give higher quality feedback to the students that listen to them and make an effort, which really pays off!
    Holly B, Mount Gambier
  5. Get involved in volunteering and university clubs, it’s a great way to improve your resume and make friends!
    Jess K, India 
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether that’s from tutors, friends or anyone! Chances are, the person you’re asking might be confused as well, or you could be helping someone else out!
    Amelia B, Kyancutta
  7. If you ever feel there are too many assignments and no end in sight, talk to someone around you, this can often help you gain perspective and prioritize your tasks. Don’t forget that it is ok to take study breaks, this can help you be more productive, so you don’t overload your brain with too much information!
    Rachel H, Renmark
  8. Get to know the other people studying your degree, it’s really helpful having other people you can work with, look forward to seeing in class and hang out with afterwards!
    Clem S, Port Pirie
  9. Attend as much as you can in the first few weeks! That’s prime time for making meaningful connections with other people, new and old. It’s tiring but worth it!
    Lauryn F, Port Lincoln
  10. Start your assignments early so you can show it to your tutor/lecturers to ensure you are on the right track. And don’t feel hesitant to ask them for feedback, they are here to help you out so ask away!
    John S, Melbourne

So there you have it, lots of tips to make your start to uni as smooth as possible!

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