Support in a community – living in a residential college

Many of our residents come to Lincoln College alone, brand-new to Adelaide, with no established networks. Erin Chin, a 2022 resident at Lincoln, wrote about her experiences settling into accommodation in a new city with the support of the College community.
Moving to university is a big change, one that comes with a great deal of nerves and uncertainty. This applies a lot more to young people coming from further away with the intent to study in Adelaide. Many young students find themselves asking “How can I get support and make connections if I’m not from the city?” Well, Lincoln is the answer.
Lincoln was definitely the answer for me, as well as the answer for the entire community I was about to enter. Fears of not making friends due to being an interstate student went completely unfounded as Welcome Week came around, newly made friends already knocking on my door so we could go to events together. By the end of the week my contacts were full, just like the chairs around me in the dining hall. When you have such a strong network around you, you can truly put your best foot forward in your academic career.

Four young women in Lincoln College rugby tops pose for a silly photo in front of St Paul's cathedral in Adelaide.
This is one of the many things that Lincoln provides that made moving away from home so much easier. Everything else I needed to settle in quickly was provided for me as part of my fees, from the food that reminded me of home to the WiFi that I used to video call family back in Queensland. That doesn’t even touch on the benefits that came with the space, such as befriending many rural students and meeting other young people from both interstate and overseas. From the sporting events, academic support, social activities and clubs run by other students, there wasn’t a single unfamiliar face among them.
Residential Colleges fill quickly due to the sheer amount of support they provide for those moving into Adelaide, so I urge anyone considering joining the Lincoln family to do so, and apply early. There’s no need to wait for your ATAR or offer from your university, an application is the only thing between you and the opportunity to make your university year its very best.
Lincoln is the first choice for those looking for a home away from home, because wherever you get accommodation in the city, you will get a place to stay. However, when you go to Lincoln, you get more than just a room. You get a community.
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