We don’t want the financial capacity to be a barrier for any students looking to study at university in Adelaide and live at Lincoln. Applications for scholarships are now open. We have a limited number of university student accommodation places for 2023. Apply today so you don’t miss out.

The heart of Lincoln has always required that we find a table for all who seek to join us. Thanks to former students and other benefactors, we are able to offer scholarships and bursaries to students, who for reasons of financial need would not otherwise be able to enter or remain at Lincoln. Scholarships and bursaries are available to new residents on the basis of academic excellence, financial need and contribution to the community life at Lincoln.

Lincoln is also committed to supporting Indigenous students with our Indigenous Living Allowance bursary.

Students who would like to live at Lincoln, but think they cannot afford the fees should contact us to discuss their options.

Our all-inclusive fees offer outstanding value for money. A range of scholarships and bursaries are also available.

To apply for a scholarship:

1) Scroll down and read about the scholarships on offer
2) Download the Information Sheet for the scholarship/s you want to apply for
3) Click “Apply” and complete the online form

It’s free to apply. Could you be our next recipient?

Henderson Country Student Entry Scholarship

The Ben Henderson Country Student Scholarships were specifically created for rural South Australian students attending university in Adelaide and living at Lincoln College.

The Henderson Country Student Entry Scholarship requires the recipient to meet the financial need criterion (a hurdle criterion), whilst exemplifying the notion of “good character”, academic competency and contribution to community life. Benefactor Ben Henderson’s intention was to give others a chance to succeed and to “do good” in the world.

Download The Henderson Country Student Entry Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

Lincoln Testimonials


“If you’re thinking about
applying for the Henderson
scholarship, do it. It is easy
to apply and if you do receive
the scholarship it is very
worthwhile. It has helped my
family and I cover the costs of
moving to Adelaide to study”.

Elisha Hinge, Henderson
Scholarship recipient.
Lincoln Testimonials


‘It’s been really helpful financially.
It takes the stress away
because it’s meant that I don’t
have to worry about
Centrelink taking forever,
I have the support here
and now from the scholarship. It’s
made me feel less pressure to get
a job so I can focus on my studies".

Kienan McKay, Henderson
Scholarship recipient.
Kienan McKay Lincoln Student Accommodation Adelaide

Geoff Scott Scholarship

The Reverend Dr Geoff Scott Memorial Scholarship is in memory of former Principal of Lincoln College, Rev Dr Geoff Scott, who passed away in 2013. Lincoln’s close association with overseas students was brought closer during Geoff’s term as Principal from 1984 to 1994.

The Reverend Dr Geoff Scott Memorial Scholarship is available to students from Singapore or Malaysia who are prospective members of the college who are applying for their first year at the college and who will be full-time students at a South Australian University or Tertiary place of learning; and who have shown potential in their chosen subject.

The value of the Reverend Dr Geoff Scott Memorial Scholarship is 10 weeks of college fees (valued at A$4745) to be credited to the resident’s account across the year in 4 equal credits.

Download The Geoff Scott Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Wednesday 18 January 2023, 9 am (Adelaide time.)


“For me personally, it has really
taken a huge financial load off
my shoulders. Having to travel
from another country to do a
degree has presented itself as a
huge financial load, but having
the Reverend Dr Geoff Scott
Scholarship awarded to me,
allowed me to reduce the cost
of living here”.

Chor Yee Jerica Fung, Inaugural
Geoff Scott Scholarship recipient.
Chor Yee Jerica Fung - Jeoff Scott Scholarship


The Lincoln Bursary Scheme aims to give financial assistance to eligible residents at Lincoln towards their student accommodation fees. In particular, we realise that different financial pressures apply to distinct groups and their families within the College demographic such as:

  • Residents who are in genuine financial need
  • Residents from remote areas who have to move away from home to study
  • Residents with a disability

For new residents at Lincoln College: a number of Bursaries of 4-6 weeks accommodation rebate are available to residents, who can demonstrate that they are in financial need.

Download the Bursary Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Lincoln College Entrance Bursaries - Student Accommodation Adelaide