Scholarships and bursaries are available to current residents on the basis of academic excellence, financial need and contribution to the community life of Lincoln. Applications for scholarships are now open. We have a limited number of university student accommodation places for 2023. Apply today so you don’t miss out.

These scholarships are awarded to students who are already resident of Lincoln or to students entering the Lincoln at a second-year level or higher. They are awarded primarily on the basis of results obtained in the annual University examinations.

Lincoln is also committed to supporting Indigenous students through our Indigenous Living Allowance bursary.

Our all-inclusive fees offer outstanding value for money. A range of scholarships and bursaries are also available.

To apply for a scholarship:

1) Scroll down and read about the scholarships on offer
2) Download the Information Sheet for the scholarship/s you want to apply for
3) Click “Apply” and complete the online form

It’s free to apply. Could you be our next recipient?

Henderson Scholarship

The Ben Henderson Country Student Scholarships were specifically created for rural South Australian students attending university in Adelaide and living at Lincoln College.

The Henderson Country Student Scholarship for Returning Residents requires the recipient to meet the financial need criterion (a hurdle criterion), whilst exemplifying the notion of “good character”, academic competency and contribution to community life. Benefactor Ben Henderson’s intention was to give others a chance to succeed and to “do good” in the world.

Download The Henderson Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

Lincoln Testimonials


“If you’re thinking about
applying for the Henderson
scholarship, do it. It is easy
to apply and if you do receive
the scholarship it is very
worthwhile. It has helped my
family and I cover the costs of
moving to Adelaide to study”.

Elisha Hinge, Henderson
Scholarship recipient.
Lincoln Testimonials


‘It’s been really helpful financially.
It takes the stress away
because it’s meant that I don’t
have to worry about
Centrelink taking forever,
I have the support here
and now from the scholarship. It’s
made me feel less pressure to get
a job so I can focus on my studies".

Kienan McKay, Henderson
Scholarship recipient.
Kienan McKay Lincoln Student Accommodation Adelaide

The Frank Hambly Memorial Scholarship

The Frank Hambly Memorial Scholarship was established to commemorate the service to Lincoln College of the Reverend William Frank Hambly, M.A., D.D., Master of the College from its inception in 1952 to his death in 1972.

The scholarship is awarded to recognise and encourage academic excellence.

Download The Hambly Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

The Colombo Spirit Scholarship


The Jubilee Scholarship was instituted by the Council of the College to celebrate 50 years of continuous service to university students in South Australia since the opening of the College by the Methodist Church in 1952.

The award has been made possible by the generosity of past collegians who have contributed to a Jubilee Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship is intended to reward all-round performance in terms of academic achievement and contribution to the community life of the College.

Download The Jubilee Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

The Jubilee Scholarship

The Andrew Smith and Jane Smith Scholarships

Andrew Smith was a resident student at Lincoln College from 1958-1963, and graduated M.B., from the University of Adelaide.

Whilst a student he participated in student affairs. He was a member of the Rowing 8 in the High Table Cup Competition the year in which Lincoln College beat St. Marks for the first time. In 1963 he was elected by his fellow students as President of the Lincoln College Club. In 1964 Andrew began as an intern at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and subsequently engaged in graduate studies in England where he was admitted as a Fellow in the Faculty of Anaesthetics in the Royal College of Surgeons.

After returning to Australia he took up a post at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He was appointed as a Member of the Lincoln College Council in 1973, served as Secretary of the Council in 1976 and became Chairman of Council in 1978, a position from which he retired in 1985. In 1986 he was made a Life Member of Lincoln College. His association with the College as a student, and subsequent involvement in the government of the College, his spirit of participation and continued interest and involvement in the life of the College is honoured in the establishment of the Andrew Smith Scholarship.

In 2009 Andrew Smith endowed a Scholarship at Lincoln College. The Council agreed to name this scholarship the Jane Smith Scholarship in recognition of the contribution of Andrew’s wife Jane to Lincoln College. Whilst Jane is not an Alumna of the College, she is a true friend to Lincoln and her friendship, advice and hospitality have been blessed many of its residents. She has also been a great support to Andrew in his endeavours with the College.

Download The Andrew Smith and Jane Smith Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

The Andrew Smith And Jane Smith Scholarships
The Andrew Smith And Jane Smith Scholarships

The Cheong Choong Kong Scholarship

Dr CK Cheong (Alumnus 1962-63), or “CK” as he is affectionately known, is one of Lincoln College’s living treasures and an outstanding Alumnus of the College.

Dr CK Cheong has served the Singaporean and South East Asian community in the areas of governance, leadership and finance. In 2012 Dr Cheong endowed a scholarship for a student at Lincoln College who is achieving in the areas of science or mathematics.

The CK Cheong Scholarship is open to Lincoln College students in their second year or above in the College who are enrolled in and achieving a Credit average or above, in a relevant degree at the University of Adelaide. The CK Cheong Scholarship is weighted towards academic achievement and professional endeavours.

Download The CK Cheong Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

The Cheong Choong Kong Scholarship

The Colombo Spirit Scholarship

In April 2009, the family of Alumnus Datuk Dr Sam Abraham provided a seeding endowment for what has become The Colombo Spirit Scholarship.

Lincoln Alumnus Sam Abraham was a recipient of a Colombo exchange from Malaysia and this scholarship has been created to reflect his enduring spirit and legacy, as well as the spirit of the Colombo venture: knowledge, skills, friendship, cultural exchange, and people to people relationships.

The Colombo Plan was crucial to the growth of Australian tertiary education in the international market. Lincoln College has long benefited from the short term and long term effects of the Colombo Plan and the scholars who travelled here to earn their degrees via the scheme. The College has had Colombo Plan recipients in residence from several of the Colombo plan countries, but mostly from Malaysia. Their spirit imbues the spirit of Lincoln College.

“Though not often acknowledged, the Colombo Plan students and particularly those from Malaysia (who were the single biggest group) played a major part in the reshaping of Australia, its culture, its values and its people. Many of those students were active not only in their universities as student leaders but worked across the spectrum of employment in their vacations, lived with Australian families and spent countless hours speaking at service club meetings. Their contribution to Australia, whilst unmeasured, was as enormous as it is valuable…in the case of Malaysia and Australia, the Colombo Plan was the foundation for an enduring understanding based on people to people relationships.”
p 13, 1951-2001: The Colombo Plan; Geoff Sauer (Ed.)

Download The Colombo Scholarship Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Applications for 2023 close on Monday 28 November 2022, 11am.

The Colombo Spirit Scholarship


The Lincoln College Bursary Scheme aims to give financial assistance to eligible and worthy residents at Lincoln College towards their accommodation fees.

In particular, we realise that different financial pressures apply to distinct groups and their families within the College demographic such as:

  • Residents who are in genuine financial need
  • Residents from remote areas who have to move away from home to study
  • Residents with a disability

For current residents at Lincoln College: a number of Bursaries of 4-6 weeks accommodation rebate are available to residents, who can demonstrate that they are in financial need. Download the Bursary Information Sheet and then click to apply!

Lincoln Bursaries