O’Connell Street – On Lincoln’s Doorstep

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North Adelaide, where Lincoln is situated has the cheery charisma of a country town. Think wide streets sheltered by a canopy of autumn trees and rows upon rows of gorgeous houses behind beautiful gardens. Surrounded by park lands that include the city’s leading swimming pool, horse paddocks and sports field you can sometimes forget that all it takes is a fifteen-minute walk to be amidst the bustling city life.

If you exit Lincoln and turn right, you will find yourself at the commercial street of the suburb. O’Connell is a continuation of one of the busiest roads of Adelaide and links North Adelaide to the bright lights of the city but it’s easy to ignore the traffic when occupied by all the delights of O’Connell.

On a cold day when the skies are grey and the view of the Adelaide hills are obscured by clouds, your first stop must be Chocolate Tree. A little café tucked away that offers blankets to patrons that sit in the courtyard and admire the mural of a French square. There, you will be offered the sweetest treats of gingerbread or Turkish-delight flavoured hot chocolate, crepes oozing with Nutella and garnished with strawberries or milkshakes with a staircase of popcorn and pretzels spiralling up the side of the glass. Chocolate Tree is a sugary sanctuary on cold days.

On the warmer days, just a block up from Lincoln is Amarin Thai restaurant that is decorated in fairy lights and the scent of delicious food wafts by its opened windows. Scattered up O’Connell is an array of Asian restaurants and other restaurants that are perfect for a special dinner. My two favourite places are the Sushi Train and O’Connell Bakery. The first can be a fun lunch date with friends plucking anything off the little train that tickles your fancy. The opening hours of the Bakery are perfect for any university student, meaning they are open 24/7. It’s the perfect place for a midnight snack or study break with hot pies, doughnuts and smoothies. I recommend the strawberry lamington if you feel hungry in the early morning!

Apart from great food, O’Connell has plenty of other entices. One that I frequent often is the vintage fashion op shop, ‘Marilyn’s Depot Vente’ just around the corner from Lincoln. There are plenty of clothes to sort through and great bargains to find- glossy shoes, vintage beaded bags and old jewellery. My friends and I have found some great pieces here and it’s always fun to just browse.

Another treat is the Wallis Piccadilly Cinema that can be found at the very end of O’Connell. The cinema has old style charm with crimson carpet, chandeliers and a staircase that smoothly wraps around the room leading to all the new releases and it offers discounted tickets for university students.

On the other end of O’Connell, between North Adelaide and the city is the Adelaide Oval. Its domed roof is visible from college and so are the rivers of AFL fans as they make their way to the game on a Saturday night. Decked out in their merchandise for either the Adelaide Crows or Port Adelaide they stream towards the Oval lights; you can sometimes find out who won the match through hearing the victory singing! The oval also hosts the cricket in the Adelaide summer heat and soccer games– the World Cup qualifier round is approaching and avid soccer fans from Lincoln are excited to be part of the crowd, in preparation of the inter-college soccer tournament.

The Adelaide Oval also hosts special events and musicians. Earlier this year, Adele sung as part of her Australian tour and her soaring voice resonated through North Adelaide. Lincoln residents sat on picnic blankets on the front lawns and enjoyed her concert with college hot chocolate and friends. Next year, we’re expecting to pull out the picnic blankets again for Ed Sheeran.

North Adelaide is a flourishing suburb with so many things to see and do and eat quite literally at Lincoln’s doorstep!

Written by Meredith Dowling
Lincoln Resident 2017

Photo credit: City of Adelaide

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