New Horizons with Mariam Chung

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When Mariam Chung decided to take a sabbatical overseas, she didn’t know what to expect. An alumna of Lincoln, Mariam has learnt to put herself out there and try new things.

I was wanting to venture outside of clinical dentistry to explore other avenues of the health industry. And I really wanted to work in a different country and network with different people. 

In her recent trip to Chicago, Miriam worked as the Development Intern for Test Positive Awareness Network. TPAN is a local HIV non-profit organisation that provides free support services ranging from needle exchange and counselling, to case management. It is also affiliated with national magazine Positively Aware, a leader in providing up-to-date information on HIV issues.

Mariam has been working as a general dentist since 2014. She studied Dentistry at The University of Adelaide, and lived at Lincoln from 2009 to 2010.

Learning to live away from home has its challenges, but it was made so much easier living in college with other students. Living at Lincoln taught me how to find ways to communicate and network with people from all backgrounds and interests. I have made lifelong friends.

While at TPAN, Mariam worked on two campaigns – Dining Out For Life, and Ride for Aids Chicago. The first was a national campaign to raise funds for HIV organisations in major cities around the US and Canada. The second, a two day, 200-mile bike ride over three states, raised money for TPAN. Mariam also managed various social media profiles on behalf of the organisation, at one point running up to twelve accounts.

My student days of learning dentistry piqued my interest in broadening my horizons in the health field. I wanted to do more in playing a larger part in people’s access to healthcare.

As luck would have it, Mariam happened to be in Chicago during Pride Month, and had the opportunity of walking the Pride Parade with her fellow colleagues.

Mariam reflects on her time in Chicago fondly. “It opened my eyes to the world of HIV and allowed me to meet people from all walks of life who have now become close friends.”

Mariam has one bit of advice for current residents.

Enjoy every moment that you have, work hard and play hard. Join in on the fun. Connect with as many people as you can – you never know what you might learn from someone.

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