Moving to Lincoln? Here’s what to expect on move in day.

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So, you’re moving to Adelaide for university. If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably a bundle of nerves and excitement all rolled into one. Moving to Lincoln was one of the best decisions I made, so let me put your mind at ease and share with you what it was like for me on “Move in Day”, the day Lincoln became my new home.

For the six hours since we’d left home, it had been grey skies and monotony. The drive from south-west Victoria to Adelaide was long and we’d had to wake up early but I didn’t care. It was move in day at Lincoln College. Maybe it was a sign, if you’re someone who believes in signs of the universe but when we came down the Adelaide Hills it was glorious sunshine and summer heat. This shouldn’t have been a surprise as it was February but it still seemed like a promise of bright future in Adelaide.

We pulled up to the front of Lincoln after getting a lost a few times in the CBD and the college green lawns were filled with current residents and smiling faces. While some enjoyed a casual game of soccer with new residents who had arrived early and were already settled into their rooms, others were falling over themselves to greet arriving new residents, shake hands and haul luggage.

I was struggling to yank all my luggage out of the car when three Lincolnites came up to me in their blue and yellow Lincoln tops. They introduced themselves as Residential Advisors and suddenly my hands were free of luggage as they accompanied me to the office to pick up my keys. They made me laugh, feel welcome and at ease and informed me about life at Lincoln as they showed me to my room. My room was perfectly situated over the lawns, giving me a good view of the parkland lands and glimpses of the city. The next half-hour was frantic as I tried to decorate my room as much as possible while my parents tried to unpack everything that was actually useful.

There was a final luncheon on the lawns where we met our Academic Tutors  and College Club before we said goodbye to our parents. Parents consoled in each other as their children were ready to leave home. Meanwhile, excited new residents began to mingle with each other and figure out which building they were in and who their neighbours were.

The rest of the day was spent getting to know these new strangers that would eventually become study partners, friends, soccer team mates and fellow Lincolnites. Through a number of ice-breakers and small games we became less nervous about who to sit next to at the approaching meal time. The first night of college was calm as people finished setting up their room, found out more about their neighbour’s day and even begun prepare for O’week and the upcoming start of university.

O’week isn’t just something that you can do at uni, it’s week of fun filled activities at Lincoln too. All week, Residential Advisors, the Academic Team and College Club organise events to enjoy before university lectures start. Over the course of the week, residents master the dance moves for the Fresher Dance and legendary Barnyard Night, orientate themselves in North Adelaide through the Scavenger Hunt and soak up the Adelaide sun on Beach Day. There’s daily sports, ice-breakers and activities that all finish with the O’week party surrounded by your new friends, all before uni has even started.

Hopefully that gives you more of an idea on what to expect when you move into Lincoln and has put to rest any nerves you may have had. Now, get packing because I can’t wait to meet you!

Meredith Dowling
Senior Academic Tutor

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