Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Lincoln College provides a unique environment for students from regional areas, interstate or overseas to study at the universities of Adelaide.

To find out more about the Lincoln College student experience, we spoke with a current student about his journey so far.

Mitchell Jude is a third-year Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor Finance student who moved from Port Lincoln, South Australia, to study at The University of Adelaide at the start of 2020. Lincoln was his father’s alma mater, and Mitchell grew up hearing stories of his time there.

“It just sounded like a really cool place to be,” he reminisces.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the social life of all students in Australia. However, Mitchell explained that living at the College has allowed him to meet many new people, despite the limitations of the pandemic.

“If I had just moved into a house or something like that, I would have missed the social side of things completely,” Mitchell shares. “So, I’m glad I chose to come to Lincoln.”

Life at Lincoln is a well-rounded experience. Outside of his studies, Mitchell plays cricket for Prospect, plays footy in Port Wakefield for the Eagles, and also plays piano and guitar.

Lincoln College provides a space for students’ personal development, as well as the opportunity to try new things. Mitchell has been involved in the College Club since his first year at Lincoln – he has been the Sports Secretary and absolutely loved the experience. He was also elected President of the College Club for 2022, which involves leading the College student committee.

“We do all of the events on campus and try to make College life as enjoyable as we can for everyone,” Mitchell explains.

His father was also President of the Club in his day, so Mitchell was keen to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Mitchell has received important mentoring during his time at Lincoln. He recently attended a National Association of Australian University Colleges (NAAUC) conference where he learned much about how colleges run and ways to make college life enjoyable – this will be particularly useful for his upcoming role as President of the College Club.



[Photo above + Cover image thanks to @NAAUC]

[Photo thanks to Noah Piper Media]

Living at Lincoln has also allowed Mitchell to meet many people studying similar degrees and learn about career opportunities. This has been especially helpful in terms of understanding the process of applying for internships and the importance of completing one to help with getting a job in the future.

While unsure of his future career journey, Mitchell knows that Lincoln has placed him on a great path so far.

“I know that Lincoln has provided me a great opportunity to perform well in my studies, along with a really good connection to a lot of people from many different backgrounds who I never would have met if I didn’t come here.”