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Lincoln College Resident Code of Conduct

Lincoln College is a diverse community of student residents, staff and alumni. This Code of Conduct provides a clear statement of expectations for residents. It sets out a broad framework for expected behaviour, linked to the values of Lincoln College.

All residents are expected to uphold State and Federal law.

Lincoln expects all residents:

  • To be respectful of others and of their views, background and culture, both online and in everyday life
  • To respect the College, its grounds, facilities and reputation
  • To maintain sound academic performance and strive to do your best academically
  • To familiarise yourself with College policies, procedures, rules and expectations
  • To comply with the policies and Codes of Conduct of their university
  • To represent the College with integrity and pride in public and at external events
  • To be a well-rounded resident in your academic and social life
  • To embrace a variety of College activities and opportunities
  • To seek assistance with the challenges of life
  • To cooperate with staff and student leaders to make Lincoln an enjoyable and safe community for all our members

You can expect that, at Lincoln:

  • You will be accepted, safe and included
  • You will have fun
  • You will live in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and assault
  • You will be provided with academic support within a dynamic learning community
  • You will be provided with social and pastoral support, and make strong friendships that enhance your life
  • Your voice will be heard and respected
  • You will be a member of a College held in high regard by the greater community
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of activities, events and opportunities for personal development, that will enrich your university experience
  • You will develop the skills needed to function effectively as an independent adult after university
  • Your physical environment will be clean and well- maintained
  • You will be provided with healthy and nutritious food
  • You will have the option of privacy and rest in your room as you wish for it

Residents who feel their expectations of College are not being met should contact a member of the Executive Residential Staff to talk about a breach of the Code of Conduct. Staff will respond to complaints and enquiries objectively, fairly and promptly.

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