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1. Objective

1.1. The objective of this Policy is to facilitate the protection of the health and safety of all people who attend Lincoln College by requiring all such persons to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

2. Scope

2.1. This Policy applies to Staff, Board, Students, Visitors and Contractors who are On-Campus and to Lincoln College staff and students who attend a third party or public setting to undertake Lincoln College activities.


2.2. Where Lincoln College Staff, Board and students attend off-campus settings or settings operated by third parties to undertake Lincoln College activities, staff and students will be required to comply with Lincoln College requirements as well as any relevant Direction or other requirements in effect in that third-party setting.

3. Authority

3.1. This Policy is made under the direction of the Lincoln College Board and supports compliance with the following:

(a) Directions of the Chief Health Officer of South Australia; and

(b) Occupational Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA).

4. Policy

The requirement to be vaccinated

4.1. Where the Chief Health Officer issues a Direction that a Staff Member, Student, Visitor or Contractor is required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to perform their work, studies or other duties (as the case may be), then that Staff Member, Student or Visitor must be vaccinated in accordance with that direction in order to perform such work, studies or other duties unless a Direction Exemption applies.


4.2. From 10 February 2022, it will be a requirement of attending On Campus that a Staff Member, Student, Visitor or Contractor must be Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 unless that person has been granted an Exemption.


4.3. To the extent that a Direction requires a Staff Member, Student, Visitor or Contractor to be vaccinated prior to the 10 February 2022, the Staff Member, Student, Visitor or Contractor must comply with the direction.


4.4. Lincoln College recommends that Vaccination be undertaken on the advice of an accredited health practitioner (including health practitioners at any authorised COVID-19 vaccination centre).

5. Procedural principles

5.1. All Staff, Student, Visitors or Contractors who are required to be vaccinated (whether pursuant to a Direction or as a requirement of attending On Campus) will be required to provide evidence acceptable to the College of vaccination status.


5.2. The College will accept for these purposes a copy of the person’s:

(a) COVID-19 Digital Certificate

(b) Immunisation History Statement

(c) Digital vaccination certificates delivered by the mySA Gov application.


5.3. The College may, from time to time, determine that other evidence is acceptable.


5.4. Exemptions will be granted in limited circumstances. These include where:

(a) A person has a valid Direction Exemption.

(b) A person has a Medical Exemption.

(c) A person is not eligible to be vaccinated in South Australia when they attend On Campus.

(d) A person is required to attend On Campus to respond to an emergency;

(e) A person is required to perform urgent and essential work On-Campus to protect the health and safety of workers or members of the public or to protect assets and infrastructure.

(f) The Head of College provides an Exemption to this requirement.


5.6. The College will consider a temporary Exemption in circumstances where a person is required to be vaccinated pursuant to a Direction and that direction requires them to be vaccinated by a later date than that specified in this Policy.


5.7. The College has no authority to issue, and will not issue, an Exemption where an individual is required to be vaccinated pursuant to a Direction. In these circumstances, an exemption will be limited to a Direction Exemption.


5.8. The College will maintain an exemption process for staff and students, which will be available for the duration of this Policy.

Evidence to support an exemption

5.9. The Staff Member, Student, Visitor or Contractor will be required to provide the College with satisfactory evidence supporting any application for an Exemption.


5.10. In the case of a Medical Exemption, the Staff Member, Student, Visitor, or Contractor needs to provide satisfactory evidence supporting an immunisation exemption. Satisfactory evidence includes an Immunisation History Statement issued by the Australian Immunisation Register that records a valid immunisation medical exemption OR a valid and complete Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) medical exemption form.

Transition arrangements

5.11. Individuals who cannot provide evidence of Vaccination or a valid exemption as required by this Policy cannot attend On Campus.


5.12. Information about Vaccination is available from the South Australian Government Coronavirus website.


5.13. The College respects the privacy of its Staff Members, Students, Visitors and Contractors and will ensure that vaccination information is treated as confidentially as possible and according to relevant laws.


5.14. Vaccination information and proof of Vaccination collected by the College will be securely stored.


5.15. The College will limit its use and disclosure of a person’s vaccination status to what is reasonably necessary to prevent and manage COVID-19 transmission risks On-Campus and comply with any direction that applies to the College.


5.16. Please refer to the College’s Privacy Policy for more information about how we process and protect personal information.

6. Definitions

Approved Vaccine means any COVID-19 vaccination that has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or a comparable overseas regulator as determined by the TGA for use in Australia.


Contractor means any person who comes On Campus at Lincoln to perform contracted work under the direction of Lincoln Staff.


Direction means any applicable public health direction issued by the State or Federal Government.


Direction Exemption means an exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated in accordance with a Direction and includes a Medical Exemption. Direction Exemptions are specified by the South Australian Government from time to time and are set out in the relevant public health orders.



Exemption means an exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated granted by the Head of Lincoln College and includes a Medical Exemption.


Fully Vaccinated means having obtained the number of doses of an Approved Vaccine as recommended by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). For example, where the ATAGI recommends a two-dose schedule, a person will be considered fully vaccinated when they have received both doses of the Vaccine.


Lincoln College means Lincoln College Inc.


Medical Exemption means an exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated because of a medical contraindication as determined by ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) clinical guidance.


On-Campus means any land forming the Lincoln College campus.


Partial Vaccination means having obtained one dose of an Approved Vaccine.

Student means any enrolled student resident at Lincoln College or any other student who attends On Campus.


Staff means all employees (permanent, fixed-term or casual), contractors (including labour-hire personnel), interns or secondees of the university, and employees and contractors of Tenants.


Visitor means any other person, including guests, honoraries, alumni, event attendee, spectators, volunteers, and public members who attend On Campus.


Policy approver

Lincoln College Board

Policy steward

Head of College


This Policy is subject to ongoing review and may be amended or withdrawn by the College at its discretion.


This Policy is to be reviewed by 1 December 2022.

With thanks to University of Melbourne

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