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Lincoln College CCTV Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system at Lincoln College


CCTV cameras have been installed at Lincoln with the primary purpose of reducing the threat of crime generally, protecting College property and premises and helping to ensure the safety of all residents,

guests, visitors and staff at the College. The measures also consider the need to respect the individual privacy of the Residents, guests, visitors and staff.

This policy sets out a framework for the use of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) video surveillance system.

Lincoln intends to use CCTV systems to:

  • Deter those with criminal intent,
  • Assist in the detection of crime,
  • Assist relevant authorities or Police with the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders in relation to crime and public order,
  • Facilitate the identification of any individuals / activities / event which might warrant disciplinary proceedings being taken and assist in providing evidence against whom disciplinary or other action is, or is threatened to be, taken.


One of the primary roles of a Residential College is to create a safe and secure environment for its residents, staff, guests and visitors.

The use of CCTV system must meet the requirements of the Privacy Act and any other legislation, such as the Workplace Surveillance Act and Regulations.

The use of CCTV system must meet the requirements of Lincoln College policies, including Privacy policy, Sexual Harassment policy and Anti-Discrimination policy.

Lincoln College is committed to fair, lawful, open and accountable use of CCTV. CCTV monitoring of public areas for security purposes at Lincoln College is limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by the law.

Information obtained via CCTV monitoring will be used exclusively for security and law enforcement purposes. Information obtained by CCTV monitoring will only be released when authorized by the Head of College.

Policy Statements

Lincoln College seeks to protect people and assets in and around the College property in the most effective manner possible, including:

The use of quality locks on all access doors and each Resident’s private room.

The monitoring of the College environs by staff and the student leadership teams.

The use of CCTV around the external areas of College, and in public spaces within the buildings (e.g., the Common Room and other areas).

The primary security use of CCTV is to discourage and/or detect unlawful acts, unsocial behaviour, behaviour against College rules and damage to property in and around the College precinct, thereby enhancing the safety and security of all people at the College and their property.

Access to the CCTV recorded footage is limited to authorized staff, authorized Police and Security Personnel with a legitimate reason to view and/or otherwise use the captured footage, including the provision of evidence in support of prosecution of criminal or illegal behaviour.

Any digital video recorder associated with Lincolns CCTV will be kept in a secure location with access restricted to authorised staff.

Authorisation to review any footage will be given to relevant parties (eg, Heads of other Colleges where action by a resident of another College on Lincoln grounds is suspected) on a case by case basis which will be determined at the discretion of the Head of College.

The CCTV system is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, but it is not possible to guarantee that the system will cover or detect every single incident taking place in the areas of coverage.

Any request to search the CCTV system must be in response to a report by a Resident, staff member, 3rd party or in response to an incident, such as to the discovery of a theft or damaged property.

CCTV will not typically be monitored “live”, except in response to such a report of an incident.

All use of CCTV will consider the need for the individual privacy of the Residents, staff and visitors.

Appropriate standard operating procedures shall be applied to all security CCTV applications to ensure effective and ethical management of equipment and that the recorded information is appropriately maintained by authorised users.

The CCTV system will not be used:

  • To provide recorded images for release to media, social media, Internet website, or internal College videos made for amusement purposes.
  • To record images of the inside of student rooms or inside bathroom facilities.
  • To record sound.

The CCTV system will be an overt system that is easily visible with ample notices advising of its use.

A regular review program will also be undertaken to ensure that existing cameras are situated in the most appropriate locations and are correctly installed to ensure the most effective coverage. This review will also assess the effectiveness of the coverage provided by the network and make recommendations to the Head of College for any further improvement of its capabilities.

CCTV footage is kept for 60 days. If no request has been made to view or access footage during this period, the footage is securely deleted.

By accepting a Lincoln College Accommodation Agreement, Resident accepts and agrees to abide by all of the terms and conditions of Lincoln College’s Policies and Procedures. Residents should contact the College for further clarification if required.

Thanks to John XXIII College, Lalor North College, Gonville & Caius Colleges (UK) and Bates College (US) for input to this policy.
Updated November 2018
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