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Fundraising activities by Lincoln students have raised thousands of dollars for charity during the past year.

Each year, Lincoln student leaders run charity events for residents to get involved in, and this year has been no exception. Several of our residents have gone out of their way to organise fundraisers for a variety of charities, raising thousands of dollars for those in need.

Be Brave and Shave

At the start of the year, Toby (a Residential Advisor here at Lincoln), organised a Be Brave and Shave event to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Head RA Nathan Lee, CEO Paul Tosch, fellow RA Piers, and Toby himself, all got in on the action. Together they raised nearly $1.5K, and got to see how they’d look without any hair.

Stress Down Day

Organised by Reserve RA, Amy, Lincoln’s Stress Down Day was a night of stress-reduction games for residents to enjoy. As well as reminding our residents to relax and be mindful of their mental health in relation to work-related stress, it also raised money for our fellow Uniting Church association, Lifeline.

As always, the annual Exec Auction saw each member of the College Club Executive Team selling their services off to residents. Residents entered into bidding wars for the privilege of being able to dress Dom however they pleased for 24 hours, while others wanted to win themselves a free taxi driver for a day. Each year the proceeds go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who were so impressed with the influx of donations (~$1500) they offered a free visit to residents who wanted to see the Adelaide RFDS plane hangar.

Lincoln Alumnus Scott Wheeler returned to College during the mid-year break, for his own Be Brave and Shave event – Leukaemia has affected Scott’s family, so he was very motivated to raise money for a cure. By shaving off his long hair he raised nearly $5000, inviting his family and friends for a fun night in the Lincoln Common Room.

Lincoln’s Blood Drive

Residents Alex and Jill promoted Lincoln’s blood drive for other residents to join and donate to the Australian Red Cross. So far there have been a total 14 donations this year, which is enough blood to save 42 lives. Blood donation has been a combined effort of all the North Adelaide colleges, who’ve collectively donated 108 times this year.

Beyond Blue

Recently, residents Siobhan and Georgie ran the City to Bay, raising money for Beyond Blue. Siobhan dyed her hair blue for the run, while friend Nathan shaved his head to help raise funds. They also ran a bake sale at the Lincoln Legends dodgeball night, scoring over their $500 target, with donations from family, friends, staff, and Lincoln alumni.

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