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Many university students feel like this in first year – Lincoln has the resources to help support you while you make the jump to university life.

Hi I’m Billie, and I’m currently studying my first year of a Bachelor of Social Sciences at the University of Adelaide. I’m also one of the many students residing at Lincoln College. I’ve been living at Lincoln since February which makes me a ‘fresher’ – a college term for first year residents. I’m frequently asked, “So, you study at Lincoln College?” to which I have to dive into the lengthy process of describing what a residential college is and explain that no, this isn’t American Pie and there is actually an academic side to college.

There is a universal sense of struggle shared between university students, and anyone who doesn’t experience this struggle is a freak of nature. I’m a serious advocate for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle in every aspect of life whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual. But, with that being said, I’ll be the first to admit I’m hopeless when it comes to maintaining routines and schedules – especially in my academic studies. So, the thought of University terrified me – I’m laying it all out on the table here in the hope that you can relate. I wasn’t necessarily the most organised student in my secondary schooling. Think crammed deadlines, ‘misplaced’ homework and arriving at school well into the first period. I was that student. University has been a whole different experience altogether and after a semester of studies I’ve learnt a few tricks of the trade. But I’m almost certain I would not have endured my first semester of University studies if it wasn’t for the academic support offered at Lincoln College.

Lincoln is renowned for its academic support and there are numerous features of the College’s academic side that aren’t emphasised enough. I’m referring to the endless hours and efforts from the staff at Lincoln to ensure each resident’s experience is a healthy and productive one. As the backbone of this support lies the Executive Residential Staff (ERS) which consists of; Linda Bastick, the Principal/CE; Jordan Bell, the Dean; Bing Hao Yap, the Senior Residential Advisor; and James Grantham, the Senior Academic Tutor, all of whom live on College grounds. They’re the superheros of Lincoln, think Marvel, and they’re almost always available when assistance is needed. But, the hidden treasure of Lincoln can be found in the depths of a 7000+ collection of textbooks, reference materials and fiction, our librarian – Terri. One of the best things academically at Lincoln is the resources, more especially, the Resource Learning Centre (library). The library is open 24/7 as a place of study, or to access information and resources including a computer room dedicated to the residents of Lincoln and their studies, plus an all accessible printer/fax/photocopier as well as a book binding and laminating machine. The hidden gem that is Terri can be found re-shelving and tidying away in this academic sanctuary most weekdays, always willing to help the residents with their requests. If she doesn’t have the textbook you’re needing (8 times out of 10 she will) there’s an option for a book request. I had to request a book this semester and I can’t recommend it enough – the book is bought by College and loaned to you for your studies, and if another resident also asks for it, you can share!

And, how could I forget, the privilege of the Academic Tutors. These are individuals who are dedicated to assist with your area of study be it marketing or medicine, law or languages. They are there to benefit you and your cohort and these guys are Lincoln legends. Whether it’s drop in sessions, individual consultations, panel sessions, tutorials or general study assistance, these guys are essentially your get out of jail free card. So, and I mean this with the utmost respect when I say, milk these guys for all they’re worth, seriously. If this isn’t enough to satisfy you academically, the Academic Peer Support (APS) will. The APS is a program, designed for residents to provide support and mentoring to each other; if you’re struggling with course content it’s highly likely a resident of your cohort has/is studying the same course and can offer assistance. Without sounding like I’m pitching a sale, my point is that from your very first grueling 2-hour university tutorial to the horror of a 3-hour end of semester exam, Lincoln is behind you every step of the way. And, if you’re struggling with your studies and adapting to the lifestyle of a University student – which makes you human – residing at a residential college like Lincoln, for me, has been a real life “University Guide for Dummies”.

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Written by Billie Greatbatch

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