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College isn’t all work and no play and this blog focuses on the more fun aspects of college life. Although I loved telling you all about the academic side of college Lincoln caters, there’s also plenty of fun too.

Walking across the lawns past a group of older residents relaxing on beanbags alongside some upbeat tunes you’ll probably think “how could they have time to relax, aren’t they supposed to be studying or crying over exams?” But rest assured, it’s not all work and no play.

There is a range of opportunities for much needed rest and relaxation and believe me when I say there is something for everyone. With residents coming from across the globe and Australia, it’s no challenge to ‘find your fit’.

These new found global friendships also bring a new perspective to activities and competitions facilitated by the College – whether it be within the much anticipated SAAUCC (South Australian Association of University College Clubs) inter college sport competition, Lincoln College’s Art and Writing competitions or the Lincoln College Ball and Valedictory Dinner.

The competitions and festivities of SAAUCC in itself are held all over Adelaide and give residents- with the support of the colleges – a chance to explore the city they’re residing in. There is whole body of residents – College Club – responsible for the social wellbeing of the residents.

If you’re more of the dwelling type, the “I can and will finish an entire series on Netflix before my final paper is due”, there is a college Netflix subscription installed on every common TV. If that isn’t enticing enough, for all the gamers, you have the LAN Party to look forward to. Yes, you read that correctly, there is an entire college gathering in the dining hall dedicated to online gaming. Plus, there is free pizza provided.

For the fitness fanatics, there is sports competitions all year round hosted by SAAUCC as well as weekly complimentary fitness sessions provided by icon old collegian Alex Brackstone, who is a qualified personal trainer. And, for those fitness fanatics of a little less skill but still admirable efforts there is the more casual endeavours of Lincoln Legends. A chance to represent your corridor. If you’re a legend of your corridor, you’ll be valued at the much anticipated corridor functions, from the residents you find yourself bumping into on those late night coffee ventures to the kettle. Shout out to Nathan Lee for being a champion Residential Advisor for my corridor, KMB 2nd.

There are so many communities within Lincoln College, the competitive spirit in these communities become especially prominent during the thrill of Cohort Cup. Cohorts gather for numerous fun filled nights to prove their valiant status amongst the study fields.

Then there’s swotvac. “What? Swotvac can be fun?” you ask. If you’re already panicked over swotvac I’ve listed my top 8 tips for surviving Swotvac in a previous blog post. But, to cover some details, Lincoln College provides countless opportunities for a little fun.

I’m referring to the petting zoo hosted by College, so if you’re like me and find yourself weak at the knees with admiration for each and every animal species you see, take advantage of this petting zoo. There’s also waffle night and survival kits handed out from your cohort leaders including everything from earplugs to Reese’s butter cups. Plus, if you’re fast enough to snag a time slot, Brackstone, trained in massage therapy, has sessions available for complimentary massages, saving our backs once again.

Don’t be afraid to explore past the College grounds either, even if it’s grabbing a friend and taking the Puppies of Lincoln for a walk around North Adelaide. Plus, Lincoln College is only a short 20-minute walk from the Adelaide CBD so plan a day out and explore what Adelaide has to offer – there is plenty of low budget opportunities for students as well.

See, like I said, it’s not all work and no play and there really is something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie. Here are some of my favorite moments in 2016. Enjoy!

Written by Billie Greatbatch

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