What does the Contents Insurance cover?

Contents Insurance cover is included in your weekly fees. Covered is included for the loss of personal items including mobile phones, laptops, bikes, surfboards, sporting equipment, musical instruments etc as long as they are kept in a secure room either in their college room or a locked bike/storage shed.

Please note that loss of jewellery is not covered under this policy. There is no coverage for items once they are outside of the room, or if the room is not locked.

The maximum for each claim is $5,000 for all items. So if you have had a bike, laptop, mobile phone and camera stolen worth $8,000, you will only be able to claim for up to $5,000.

The excess per claim is $250 which means you will get $250 less than the claim amount. For example if you have had a camera stolen worth $2500, you will only receive $2250.

Residents should keep receipts when buying personal items because this makes placing a claim a lot easier! If you don’t have a receipt, it is good to supply a user manual or photographs to support any claim.

Any loss should be reported at a police station, you will be issued with a Police Report Number which is required on the Insurance Claim Form.

Insurance Claim Forms can be obtained from College Services. Please speak to Office Manager Marilyn Palmer-Firth in the first instance if you require any further information.