Is there parking available?

On-site parking is available, but limited and tends to be for senior students or those with circumstances that mean having a car on-site is essential, such as getting to medical appointments.

As Lincoln College is in an excellent location, within walking distance of most amenities, entertainment and university, most residents find that they don’t require a car while living here.

However, for those that do, parking places are applied for when reapplying for the following year. An annual parking fee applies for access to on-site parking. IN 2023 the fee for an onsite park is $1400 for the full academic year contract. The local council also makes a small number of street parking permits available to Lincoln residents. These too incur an additional charge and need to be applied for. For new residents, you may express your interest in being considered for a car park when you apply to Lincoln, but please note it is typically senior students who secure spaces. It is also important to note that there is also free all-day street parking available in the nearby streets. Some restrictions apply when there are events on at the Adelaide Oval.

Residents who would like access to their vehicle, but don’t need it all the time due to our proximity to the city, may consider long term parking with an independent business, such as Adelaide Boat Car Caravan. This business is in Brompton, a 4.5km drive from Lincoln, and charges around $180 per month for secure, outdoor car spaces, with the vehicles accessible, when required.

Lincoln College also offer spaces for bikes in our lockable bike sheds. There are usually also e-scooters on the streets around the campus and the free city-loop bus runs frequently through North Adelaide and into the city.