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How do I connect my computer to ‘FollowMe’ Printing?

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Installing the ‘FollowMe’ printer queue will allow you to send print jobs to either the dining hall or the computer lab printers.

1. Click the following link http://print.lincoln.edu.au:9163/help/home-mobility-print-installed.html
2. Select your operating system e.g. windows
3. Download and run the Mobility Print Printer Setup
4. On the License Agreement screen, accept the terms and conditions and click next
5. Select the ‘FollowMe’ printer from the printer selection.
6. Enter your wifi username and password (this should be your name and student ID) the click next
7. Click finish, and the ‘FollewMe’ printer will now be installed on your machine

To print, go to either the dining hall or computer lab printer, input your password on the screen and your document should show up ready to print.

If you have any issues with any steps during the process please come into the front office and we will be happy to help you.