Move-in day is the Saturday before the university orientation week, commonly referred to as Welcome Week. This is typically around the third week of February.

Current residents at Lincoln are on hand to show you to your room, carry your luggage and help you get settled in. If you need to move in to Lincoln on another day, this can be arranged, although you’ll have to carry your own bags!

New residents are allocated rooms by the Dean of Students. Special circumstances can affect room allocation such as disability information, years at university (e.g. if you are transferring from an interstate university) and if you would like to live in a discounted room (small rooms at reduced rent).

Returning students are allocated rooms based on length of residency, attendance and participation in Lincoln events and activities.

Yes, rooms are single study-bedrooms.

Yes, several small rooms are available with a rent discount. Please indicate on your application if you would like to be considered for one.

Yes, Lincoln offers a number of scholarships to new and returning residents on the basis of academic excellence, financial need and contribution to the community life at Lincoln. Go to Scholarships for more information.

Yes! We offer residents unlimited, free data through our new fibre connection and wifi points (within a practical use policy).

No, orientation week is for residents only. Orientation week is filled with exciting activities designed to help new residents to settle into their new home and make new friends. Lincoln encourages parents not to stay after the orientation lunch on Saturday. There are several hotels and apartments in the areas for parents and friends and these details will be sent to you prior to your move in.

No, all bathrooms are shared and single sex.

You’ll find answers to your questions in this document ‘Things to Do and Things to Bring‘.

Please note that the bed provided is a regular Australian single bed. If for medical or height reasons you require a special bed you will need to seek permission by emailing the request with full details to

During mid-term and mid-year holidays students can either stay at Lincoln or return home to visit friends and family. For those returning home, there is no need to move out, your belongings can remain safely in your room.

For end of year summer holidays, all residents move out after they have completed their final assessment.

The College Club is an incorporated student club run by the elected resident members of the College. All residents are members of the Club. The Club provides activities such as sports, organises special events notably Valedictory Dinner and the Lincoln Ball, and ensures that its members are represented to the management of the College.

The Club are in many ways the heart of the collegiate lifestyle, and along with the Residential Advisors, create and run the welcoming activities during orientation to ensure that residents are looked after throughout the year.

Limited on-site parking is generally available for senior residents or for those with a medical reason. An annual parking fee applies for access to on-site parking.

As Lincoln is in an excellent location, within walking distance of most amenities, entertainment and university, most residents find that they don’t require a car while living here.

Parking spots are applied for when reapplying for the following year, allocation is based on room points and any relevant medical conditions. All-day parking is available on Ward Street, Brougham Place has limited short term parking.

We also offer limited spaces in one of our lockable bike sheds, please email before purchasing a bike to make sure we have a spot for you.

Lincoln College does not have a “bedtime” curfew for residents. The only curfews in place are noise curfews during SWOT vac (Study Without Teachers vacation) and exam periods. At all other times we have reasonable restrictions on noise.

So, in a nutshell, residents can stay out as late as they like so long as they don’t disturb others when they come home.

Residents pay for Contents Insurance cover on an annual basis and are covered for the loss of personal items including mobile phones, laptops, bikes, surfboards, sporting equipment, musical instruments etc as long as they are kept in a secure room either in their college room or a locked bike/storage shed. Please note that loss of jewellery is not covered under this policy. There is no coverage for items once they are outside of the room, or if the room is not locked.

The maximum for each claim is $5,000 for all items. So if you have had a bike, laptop, mobile phone and camera stolen worth $8,000, you will only be able to claim for up to $5,000.

The excess per claim is $250 which means you will get $250 less than the claim amount. For example if you have had a camera stolen worth $2500, you will only receive $2250.

Residents should keep receipts when buying personal items because this makes placing a claim a lot easier! If you don’t have a receipt, it is good to supply a user manual or photographs to support any claim.

Any loss should be reported at a police station, you will be issued with a Police Report Number which is required on the Insurance Claim Form.

Insurance Claim Forms can be obtained from College Central. Please speak to Office Manager Marilyn Palmer-Firth in the first instance if you require any further information.

Lincoln College Student Accommodation Adelaide - Frequently Asked Questions