Athletics Roundup 2018

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Lincoln recognizes and encourages the outstanding sporting achievements of young people in our community.

And what a day it was, no sooner had we all arrived, when rainclouds began darkening overhead. It seemed we weren’t going to see through the final SAAUCC sporting event for the year. When the thunder started to rumble and the rain began to pour, the events were called off for safety purposes. Unfortunately, this meant only some of our Lincolnites got to show their athletic prowess on the field.

Tops to everyone who trained and participated in the events. The only results completed were:

(~ = N/A)

Courtney L.~Ashton B.3 rd
Megan L.5 thLisie D.9 th
Men’s3 rd overallMen’s
Ahan M.~Jaewon K.~
Kienan M.~Nathan B.4 th
High Jump:Women’s200m:Women’s
Bianca P. Elisha H.~Elisha H.~
~Lisie D.9 th
Harry S.7 thNathan B.10 th
Zac K.8 thShaun T.
Bianca P.~Hannah B.~
Elisha H.~Lisie D.9 th
Men’s5 th overallMen’s
Kienan M.~Barry J.~
Mitchell W.~Harry S.4 th
Long Jump:Women’s800m:Women’s
Alesha H.7 thGeorgie D.~
Elisha H.~
Nathan B.5 thHarry S.7 th
Zac K.~Jaewon K.~
Shot Put:Women’s1500m:Zac K.7 th
Courtney L.~Sam M.5 th
Megan L.7 th
Men’s3 rd overall
Josh D.~
Kienan M.~
Triple Jump:Women’s
Courtney L.~
Nathan B.3 rd
Sagar E.~

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