6 feelings you’ll have after O-Week

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It’s your first year and you have experienced the splendour/chaos of O-Week. Between all of the themed parties and activities, you probably just want to get back into a routine. Here are some of the feels you may have in struggletown following O-Week.

1. Tired

How did all of that solid sleep without interruption go? Never felt better? I think you’re lying. You are very, very tired. Don’t worry, you’ll get your rest. But right now you’re probably thinking “Am I awake or am I asleep right now? Why am I seeing spots? Who am I?”. Get some shut eye and get your books ready, because life isn’t always as hectic as O-Week (thankfully).

2. Waking Up Sunday Thinking You’ve Missed All of First Semester

While you came to study, the haze of this week has probably made you forget that you actually have to attend classes. You have resources available online to know what books you need to buy and readings you have to catch up on. Just make sure to catch up and note down when your lectures and tutorials are! It is what you’re here for, after all.

3. Confused By All Of These People You Met A Week Ago… That Are Now Apparently Your Friends

You came lonely, fragile, and fresh. Making friends can be a daunting task, especially in a short period of time. Luckily, O-Week has a series of activities pre-planned to have you all go from complete strangers at a crosswalk to future maids of honour. It isn’t a fluke, college tends to do that. Seeing each other daily blended with shared experiences and you’ve got a recipe for a phenomenon formally called “BFFs”.

4. Slightly Broke

You check your debit card history and notice you had alternated between buying hot chips and pizza at midnight, every night of this week. Your thoughts narrow in – did I really need three family size meat lovers pizzas on Friday alone to make me happy? The answer is yes, always yes.

5. Missing Home A Little

The fun is happening constantly, but there may be a small (or significant) part of you that misses the comfort of home. Being homesick is totally normal! Don’t forget to give your family a ring to reassure them that you’re alive and settling in. It’s good to check in to see how they’re doing, and let them know how you’re transitioning into this new stage in your life.

6. Excited For The Year Ahead

Even with the lack of sleep, low savings account, and some homesickness, the year feels promising. Despite nearly becoming a zombie, you also have a new set of friends, a degree of your choosing to embark on, and a range of incredible events ahead of you. Alongside the monkeying around during the year, remember to breathe and take some time for yourself.

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